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Dr. Keith Rudolph has a comprehensive approach to general dentistry at his Fairfield, CT, office. He will examine your overall oral health before recommending treatment, whether it is a relatively simple deep cleaning or more advanced root canal therapy. Your comfort is a major priority for our team, and we offer a full selection of sedation options to reduce dental anxiety and allow for stress-free procedures. With our state-of-the-art imaging systems, we can diagnose dental issues early and create one-of-a-kind treatment plans, uniquely tailored to your needs and goals. Our personalized approach and commitment to the latest dental developments ensure you and your family can enjoy truly outstanding care.

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 Your comfort is a major priority for our team, and we offer a full selection of sedation options to reduce dental anxiety and allow for stress-free procedures.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Patients can usually beat oral cancer if it is discovered in the early stages. At every routine exam, Dr. Rudolph will look for sores, inflammation, swelling, and other symptoms of oral cancer. If he notices any unusual side effects he can order a biopsy to protect your health.

Pediatric Dentistry

We see patients as young as two years old. Routine cleanings and exams are important, and we also perform treatments specifically for children. Sealants and fluoride supplements can strengthen developing teeth. Our orthodontic screenings can also identify misalignment early. Our team has years of experience working with children, and we know how to create a welcoming environment and help young patients feel at ease.

Tooth Extractions

We try to provide effective restorative treatment to preserve your smile as much as possible. However, if a tooth is damaged beyond repair, Dr. Rudolph can extract it with minimal discomfort. Your tooth and gums will be numb during the process and we can also supply deeper sedation for your comfort. Dr. Rudolph can also restore your smile to fill the gap left by an extracted tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure, or endodontic therapy, is usually appropriate for an infected tooth. Dr. Rudolph will clean the inside of your tooth and your root canals to remove all infection and bacteria. Once your tooth is prepared, he can provide a lifelike dental crown. Dr. Rudolph performs this treatment using advanced rotary handpieces, which can make the procedure faster and more comfortable. He can also perform retreatment for patients whose previously infected tooth has begun to bother them.

Night Guards

Bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, can cause severe dental damage and significant discomfort. It can also increase your risk for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Disorder. Dr. Rudolph can supply a simple night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep. Our partner lab will fabricate your device from precise impressions, so it will fit comfortably. 


We are proud to be a metal-free practice, and we exclusively place tooth-colored composite fillings to treat dental decay. This material looks far more realistic than silver amalgam and is also better for your oral health. Composite resin will bond with your tooth, preserving more of the natural structure and providing extra strength. While Dr. Rudolph places tooth-colored fillings, he can also replace old metal restorations with this modern material.

Dental Sedation

We offer several types of sedation, which may benefit you if you suffer from dental anxiety or are undergoing more extensive procedures. Nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation are conservative options. We can also provide general sedation, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. In addition, each member of our team is certified in local anesthesia, and can provide comfortable, safe injections.

Advanced Technology

Digital dentistry can greatly improve your quality of care. Digital x-rays provide sharper images than traditional film and involve much less radiation exposure. We also use 3-D scanners to diagnose dental conditions. These digital models can help Dr. Rudolph as he designs same-day restorations, crafted on-site with our CEREC system. Finally, our computer system sends out automatic reminders for cleanings and checkups.

Benefit from Our Comprehensive Services

Preventive dentistry is a major focus of our practice because it can often keep you from needing extensive restorative treatment. Through regular cleanings, our hygienists can eliminate bacteria that would eventually cause decay and gum disease. To learn more about our general dentistry treatments and to book an appointment, contact Dr. Rudolph’s office online or call (203) 254-9533.

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