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“Professional. Very friendly. Neighborly.

“I’ve known Dr. Rudolph for many years. He has state-of-the-art technology but it doesn’t stand in the way of doing beautiful, professional work. They are very accommodating.”
— Dan B.


“Was in Florida and went to local dentist for tooth infection and was told I needed the tooth extracted with the need for a bridge. I contacted Dr. Rudolph and he spoke with the dentist and reviewed the X-ray. He advised taking an antibiotic and using his recommended mouth rinse instead of treating aggressively. It seemed to work, as the swelling has dissipated and pain subsided. Thanks, Doc.”

— Mel B.


“Dr. Rudolf checked my teeth and said all is fine. His staff is terrific. He really wanted to be in Florida to see a great sing-a-long show, however. Hopefully he will get to the Sunshine State soon. We reviewed some movies and I was on my way! Thank you!”

— Patricia S.


“Had a cleaning today. Extremely thorough and precise. All bases were covered. Always feel good when I leave because I know everything was checked properly and completely.”
— Alice A.

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